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Improve your languages


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Have a look and discover all the Languages and specific courses that we offer!

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We offer packages, camps and exam preparations! 


Although we have our main office where the lessons can take place in Clevedon we do provide training and courses throughout Europe. In Clevedon we have our main school building with have a great study and students room. Upstairs we have a kitchen space where you can find the coffee machine, the boiler, a microwave and a fridge. The building provides fast WiFi connection. Besides, we have additional laptops and school material in order to provide our students all what they need. 

The room 

The room is luminous and and wide. In it we have several tables and chairs that can be moved in order to find the best disposition for you. In this sense we offer a chameleonic space ready to take in you.


In our room you will find a calm space where to work and study. We like this open wide space because it helps students to interact among them. We like this type of spaces because we strongly believe that one person can reach far but a team can reach the impossible.

Furthermore, in our building you will always find people from different countries. You will know new and different people and, at the same time, you will have the opportunity to improve your level of English. 

This room is downstairs and it is next to the hall where the students can sit on our sofas and have a chat. Upstairs they will find the kitchen, the toilets and another rooms where they will Enso staff working. 

Physical disabilities, visual and audition impairment or dyslexia

We work hard in order to build a school as integrative as possible to guaranty all our students the best education. 

Unfortunately, we only count with stairs to go from the hall floor to the first floor. For that reason we can't provide the correct accessibility to wheel chairs or people with a physical disability. 

For learning difficulties as dyslexia we count with professionals and teachers who will help our students to achieve their goals. #

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