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About Us 

Enso Education is an independent agency that specialises in project consulting & delivery, trainings and work placements. We work across a diverse range of industries throughout the European Union. We hold a number of offices throughout the EU positioned to best support our local project partners and communities. We also have staff positioned throughout the EU in all countries we operate in. Our multicultural, multi-disciplined team working together to share knowledge and best practice.

Enso Languages 

Being an international multi-lingual team, with colleagues based throughout Europe, while also being multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled and multi-national since the beginning, Enso looks to spread the importance of deepen your connection to other cultures. 
Our strength is not only in multi-lingual team but also in our unique approach built from that diversity. 

Enso Languages grow as the base of Enso Education materials and courses regarding the enjoyable learning of languages. 

Why We Do It

As a core value we strongly believe there is always an opportunity to make a positive difference. We will always fight for the integrity and diversity of the marketplace and act as ambassadors and educators of best practice throughout its evolution. With no shareholders or external investors the firm is able to independently determine its own priorities and direction as a business. 

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