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Enso Education matches learners with skilled British Tutors (both in-person and online) for part-time, weekly, or full-time homeschooling across the globe. Rather than being a faceless tutoring directory, our goal is to form close bonds with both families and tutors through a single point of contact. Whether it's UK 11+ school entrance prep, US SAT prep, or writing a Personal Statement for a Quantum Physics degree, our exclusive team of hand-picked tutors can help you achieve your learning goals quickly. We believe in a tailored education that focuses on confidence development, fostering potential, and learning how to learn alongside what to study. Since everyone learns differently, we provide you with well-matched, competent one-on-one teachers whenever and wherever you need them. We believe in ethical, enriching tutoring that has a long-term influence; tutoring that makes a difference.


  • Receive structured, individually designed instruction

  • Improve organizational and problem-solving skills

  • Prepare for school entrance examinations and interviews in the United Kingdom and the United States

  • Adapt to SEN learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, ADHD)

  • Develop resiliency, self-reliance, and a can-do attitude

  • Reduce exam anxiety and tension by practising mindfulness techniques

  • Improve your public speaking and debating abilities

  • Logic and numerical thinking improved

  • Improve your reasoning, comprehension, and writing abilities.

  • Learn how to study in a more strategic, effective, and individual manner.

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