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The course aims at building in participants a deeper understanding of how creative thinking works, and what environments hinder and what foster creativity. This understanding will inform participants’ decisions regarding setting up, managing and evaluating creative tasks. Participants will also be trained to adapt, develop and use a variety of creative language tasks and use resources conscientiously and purposefully to support language learning.

With a very practice-oriented approach, which calls for course members’ active participation; they will take part in interactive input sessions and classroom demonstrations, they will reflect on the demonstrations in terms of the contents of the input sessions as well as their own practice, and discuss these with other group members. These learning activities will be done as a variety of individual, pair and group tasks.


  • Tell if a given task triggers creative thinking or not

  • Add the essential element of creativity through the creative thinking gap to regular language exercises and activities

  • Tell in a given classroom situation which creative thinking role students are performing well in and which not, and how to help them with the role they are weak at

  • Adapt, make and set appropriate, meaningful and creative language tasks that match, use and foster creative thinking roles in learners

  • Create a classroom environment that makes it possible for learners to perform to their full potentials in the creative thinking roles

  • Use a variety of resources for creating and setting relevant and engaging language tasks that foster learner creativity

  • Make decisions regarding evaluating student’s performance in creative tasks that do not stifle creativity in learners but forester i

  • Reflect on their practice and find ways in which they can enrich it with more creative approaches both for their learners and for themselves

Other languages available

  • Spanish (destinations: Málaga, Madrid and Barcelona)

  • Italian (destinations: Palermo and Rome)

  • German (destinations: Berlín and Hamburg)


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