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This exciting and intensive language course is available as a one-week immersion in language and culture. Through experiential language-learning methods and practice, as well as cultural immersion in the country, the course aims to improve fluency and accuracy in the language chosen. You will gain first-hand experience in a safe and supportive environment before observing, absorbing, and activating authentic communication practices directly on the spot, with the help of our local professional tutors. The course maintains an appropriate balance of grammar topics and conversational activities. Our conversation labs and games will make learning easier, faster, more stimulating, and more enjoyable for you, and you will enjoy our roleplay simulations.


  • Increase fluency and accuracy in the chosen language; 

  • Locate experiential learning resources for use in the classroom;

  • Gain confidence in teaching the language to non-native speakers;

  • Study the language's culture;

  • Gain direct experience with learning activities involving the four fundamental skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). 

Practical activities

  • Cooking class

  • Local School tours

  • Visits to local companies

  • Visits to local markets 

Languages available

  • Spanish (destinations: Málaga, Madrid and Barcelona)

  • English (destinations: Bristol, London) 

  • Italian (destinations: Palermo and Rome)

  • German (destinations: Berlín and Hamburg)


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